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Deborah Regan

Yoga Teacher
Life Coach
Sound Healer
Yoga Los Barriles
Deborah Regan


I invite you to become part of my journey...

In 2003, I embarked on an enriching journey from Australia to deepen my understanding of yoga and meditation. I immersed myself in a profound 6-month "Mastery of the Self" meditation retreat with the Ishaya Monks, followed by an additional two months completing my meditation teacher training in British Columbia, Canada. This intensive study marked the beginning of my six-year global odyssey, where I shared and led yoga and meditation sessions in over 20 countries.

After years of teaching as a monk and exploring diverse cultures, I transitioned into entrepreneurship. In 2009, I settled in Canada, became a permanent resident, and launched a nail artistry business. While my career initially took a new direction, my clients often sought my advice on meditation and coaching. Being asked for advice during appointments continually rekindled my passion for teaching and holistic wellness.
This subtle yet persistent encouragement from my clients was instrumental when an unexpected turn occurred in early 2019. I developed a severe repetitive strain injury in my ulna nerve, a wake-up call that redirected me back to my roots in holistic health.

Prompted by this personal health crisis and under my doctor's guidance, I pursued and completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training with the North American School of Yoga Science. Since then, I have achieved certifications in several specialized areas including Chair Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama/Meditation, Acu-Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and a 300-hour advanced yoga teacher training—all aimed at enhancing my practice and teaching.

Notably, I continued to expand my expertise by completing a 100-hour Sound Bath Teacher Training at the Yandara Yoga Institute, Mexico, and a 200-hour Life Coaching certification at Shift Labs, West Kelowna, BC, Canada. I also hold a Reiki Master level certification since 2001.

My steadfast devotion to the eternal journey of mastering yoga and my resolute commitment to sharing its enlightenment also underscore my belief in the transformative potential of mindful practices. These sacred disciplines, beyond fostering my personal recovery—reinstating full mobility to my arm—have further enabled me to lead a life brimming with profound joy, boundless gratitude, and an unwavering dedication to service, perpetually guiding me towards liberation from the confines of judgment.

Whether you are seeking healing, personal growth, or a deeper connection to your inner self, I am here to guide you on your journey with the knowledge, tools, and compassion necessary to nurture your body and spirit.

Interested in enhancing your next private event? Invite me to lead a tailored yoga, meditation session, or sound bath journey designed to enlighten and inspire. Contact me today to discuss how we can bring a unique and memorable dimension to your gathering.

Deborah xo

Experience and Registered Yoga Teacher
Continuing Education Provider
Child's Pose

Amazing instructor! Deborah has such awareness and a gentle and fluid instruction. I felt so calm and peaceful after a beautiful afternoon class. Thank you


Amazing! Small class size and instructor Deborah was very attentive.

Ensuring that I was properly doing each pose and that I was getting the maximum out of class. The classes are also long enough to really feel the benefits of stretching, relaxing, engaging and letting go.


Deborah's class was totally relaxing. I go to see her every chance I can!

She adapts to everybody’s needs and is very caring! If you want to totally zen come join us .


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