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Meditation with Horses

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 1100.00 pesos
  • Cuadro San Alberto

Service Description

Equine-guided meditation, also known as equine-assisted meditation or horse meditation, is a therapeutic practice that combines meditation techniques with interactions with horses. It is a unique and holistic approach to mindfulness and self-awareness. Here's how it typically works: The Setting: Equine-guided meditation often takes place in a natural or farm-like setting where horses are present. Participants are usually outdoors or in a barn, allowing them to connect with nature and the animals. Mindfulness Meditation Practice: The meditation aspect of equine-guided meditation involves traditional mindfulness techniques. Participants are guided through meditation exercises that focus on breath awareness, body scanning, or visualization. The goal is to bring attention to the present moment and cultivate inner calm and self-awareness. Interaction with horses: The unique aspect of this practice is the presence of horses. During or after the meditation session, participants may have the opportunity to interact with the horses in various ways. This interaction can be done through grooming, feeding, or simply observing the horses. Observational Learning: The behavior of the horse can serve as a mirror to what is going on with a participant on a deeper level. Horses sense in-congruence in us and respond accordingly. For example, if a participant is anxious, the horse may respond by moving away. If a participant is truly grounded and curious, the horse may be curious as well and seek to interact in different and fun ways. Reflection and Integration: After the meditation and horse interaction, participants often engage in discussions or reflective exercises. They may explore how their experiences with the horses relate to their own emotions, behaviors, and challenges. This reflection can lead to personal insights and growth. Equine-guided meditation is often used in therapeutic and personal development contexts, including for individuals dealing with stress, anxiety, trauma, or relationship issues. It can promote emotional regulation, self-confidence, and empathy while fostering a deeper connection with nature and animals. It's important to note that Brandice Smith, equine specialist and Deborah Regan, meditation teacher are trained facilitators who understand meditation techniques and horse behavior to ensure a safe and effective experience for participants.

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  • Los Barriles, BCS, Mexico

    612 111 2765

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